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Lot # Consignor Horse Sale Price Sex Age Sire Dam In foal to
A Gelding Incentive Misty Rose Fables Homeward Bound $1,000 G 3 Fallen Ash Scouts Irish Fable Dunrovins Midnight Breeze NA
B Youth Donation RFM Scouts Disco Dancer $2,000 M W Fallen Ash Farms Scouts Twinkle Toes Brewers Captivations Fancy Dancer NA
1 Bar  B Bar B Commotion $2,000 F 1 CF Locomotions Caboose Clivocast Shirva  
2 Gary McMorrow WF Angel Eyes PO F W Glenn Oaks Just Right WF Zeus Ice Princess NA
3 Christy D'Armond


A Stable Business Mini Pearl

$2,900 M 11 Winners Circle Galiazzo A Stable Business Drivin Miss Daisy Dell Teras Snowman
4 La Vista


Another Dimension High Tide

$6,900 M 2 Fallen Ash Scouts Prince Of Tides HCM Navajos Lonesome Dove WF Pattons Sunday Jazz
5 Indian Creek Indian Creeks Chips-A Hoy $2,000 C W Indian Creeks Poka Dot Prince Rocking M S D Every Cowboys Dream NA
6 JSW JSW Magical Miami Moon PO C W Flying W Farms Blue Boys Magic Man Landfairs Moon Over Miami  
7 Glenn Oak Glen Oaks Silver Sinsation $1,200 F 1 Lucky Four Rebels Eternal Echo Rock NBS Numero Uno NA
8 Washburn JCW Buzz Lite PO C 1 J CS Itís a Snap La Vista Princes Primera NA
9 Wind Flight WF Paint The Stars $2,100 F W Bar B Painted Patricia Glenn Stars Evening Star NA
10 Alameda AF Whispering Wind $1,700 M 11 Bartee Warrior Sutherland's Shadow AF Midnight Sun
11 Everwood Farm ERL Pattons Shadow $5,000 M 4 Glenns General Patton NXS Awesome Assault RTR Black Velvet Excellence
12 Lucky Four Pecan Grove Racketeers Spring Reign $7,000 M 6 SG Rangers Racketeer Pecan Groves Spring Fling Lucky Four After Dark Spotacular
13 Rio Red Ranches Rio Reds Scouts Cheyenne Lady $3,300 F W FAF Scout Out Loud Bon To Win NA
14 ERL Miniatures Lucky Four Gold Surprise $3,000 M 17 Stouts Freckled Feather Lucky Four Black Mystique WF Sweet Revenge
15 Palace Miniatures DD Silks Egyptian Stryker $39,100 S 3 NFC Egyptian Kings Private Terms Dells Silk Stocking NA
16 Reece Family Rocking M 3T Elegant By Design PO F 1 Rocking M 3 Times A Teddy Rocking M Remingtons Hot Chiffon NA
17 Hill Family Blue Chips Masterpieces Fortune PO G 2 Blue Chips Attractions Masterpiece Glory B Farms Fortune Cookie NA
18 Odyssey Farm Brewers Dynamo Fortune 500 $5,750 S 13 Bond Dynamo Rowdys Baby NA
19 Cherryville WWF Red Karmel Of Hobbit Hill PO M 8 Millers Double Red Fox WWF Kandy Bar LaVista Roses First
20 Los Arboles Los Arboles Beaus Rosebud $4,000 M 4 Bond Madams Beau II NFC Starbucks Ramblin Rose Alliance Sweet Talking Guy
21 Freedom Hill FHF Flaming Sensation $4,200 F W La Vista Flamboyant Remark Little Kings Singular Sensation NA
22 Texas LL  Alamos Buckeroos Champagne On Ice $5,000 M 3 Little Kings BT Buckaneer  Alamos Locomotions Buckette  WF Sweet Revenge
23 Double Diamond Hallmarks Show Me Majesty-3 in 1 $5,300 M 7 Little Kings Show Me Supreme Lucky Four Majestic Touch Sierra Dawn Unos Noble flare
24 Apex Miniatures Apex Gambling Mans Alibi $2,500 M 3 NFCs Gambling Man Winners Circle BZ Bonita WF Duffys Rhythm N Blues
25 Little King Littte Kings Buckeroo Centerfold $17,500 F 1 Boones Little Buckeroo Little Kings Enchanted Lady NA
26 Peggy Lloyd ERL Remarkable Revenge PO M 2 WF Sweet Revenge Freedom Hill Farms Miss Fare Remark Pecan Grove Chargers Customized
27 Vermilyea Farms Stonhenge Limited Warranty 3 in 1 $7,000 M 17 Bond Bravo Bond Puppet Play Vermilyea Farms Analize This
28 Wind Flight WF Pattons Steel Encore $6,000 S 4 Glenns General Patton Boones Miss Pochahontas NA
29 Fallen Ash Farm WF Sweet Honesty $6,200 M 9 Glenns General Patton Bryland Farms Happiour FAF Eagle Scout
30 Lucky Four Flabys Special Addition $6,000 M 18 Orion Light Vant Huttenest Dark Shadow Little Kings Black Velvet
31 Andrade OUT   F 1 Little Kings BT Buckaneer Alamos Rowdys Silver Mist  
32 Reece Family


HA Boogermans Shenandoah Rose

$6,300 F 1 All Small Farm Boogerman Reflection Homestead Gamblers Rambling Rose NA
33 Nirvana Training LR Scouts Little Jeanne $2,800 F 2 Fallen Ash Scouts Night Cap Polings Blue Eye NA
34 Abria Miniatures Fishers Sweet Brandy $4,000 M 16 Small World John Herry Sundance Uptown Candylands Best Kept Secreat
35 Vermilyea Farms Syndicate Share/Martins Boozer Daring Difference PO   12 Bond Boozer My Own Minuet NA
36 ERL Miniatures ERL Voltairs Quotation $8,500 F W ERL Voltaire ERL A Chance To Dance NA
37 Bar  B Bar B Huskers Special Lady $3,000 M 4 Sids Husker Flying W Farms Dreamy Blue of CD GR  
38 Wind Flight WF Zeus In Command $5,000 C W Little Kings Buck Zeus WF Statuesque NA
39 Los Arboles SFS Shez Mighty Good N Gorgeous PO M 6 La Vista Mighty Remarkable Le Danes Gamblin Mans Crowning Glory RFM Extacys Impressible Versace
40 Christy D'Armond


Timber Ridge Cameo

$2,300 M 11 Timber Ridges Ikey Timber Ridges Golden Stardust Little Kings Echo Apparition
41 Gary McMorrow WF Huskers Afterglow 3 in 1 $4,700 M 4 Sids Husker WF Pattons Seldom Seen Little Kings Buck Zeus
42 Lucky Four Honeysuckle Knoll Sundance Queen $4,500 M 5 Glenn Stars Sun Dance MSR Majestys Starlight Glenn Stars Sun Dance
43 Odyssey Farm Odysseys Designed By Signature $2,000 G 1 Champion Farms Sirs Signature Westwinds Designed By Buck Off NA
44 DeAnn Aureli Alamos Sirs Call Me Special $15,000 S 6 Cross Sounrty Call Me Sir Alamos Wilma Mankiller NA
45 LaVista Maestros Miss Saigon 3 in 1 $4,500 M 7 Diamond JS Friday Buttons Dundees April Babe La Vista Remarkable Mardi Gras
46 Nakar Miniatures Checkmate Boss S Chocolate Chip $2,700 M 8 Little Kings Bay Boss Checkmate Sugar Boys Sugar Little Kings Casper Buck
47 Fallen Ash Farm Fallen Ash Scouts Platinum Rose PO M 3 Fallen Ash Scouts Night of Stars Fallen Ash Farms Wrapped In Roses NA
48 Alameda 3 Ds Sundays Best $5,000 M 10 Deiles A&J Toy Boy Showdown Daisy AF Gold Reflection
49 Kenneth Atkinson WF Bucks Little Half Moon $3,300 M 5 Little Kings Buck By Buck Checkmate Bay Boss Fantasy Lucky Four Regencys  Dream Maker
50 Little King Chickadee Ridge Gold Mist PO M 12 Chickadee Ridge Bionic Buckeroo Highland Misty Blue Alvadars Double Destiny
51 Lucky Four Lucky Four After Dark Cara Mia $7,500 M 7 Martins Boozers After Dark Mardi Gras Winning Colors Lucky Four Skippa Buck Deluxe
52 JSW JSW Destinys Sexy Graffiti PO M 4 Alvadars Double Destiny Impressibles Flaming Amber Little Kings LF Buckeroo Zorro
53 Wind Flight WF Crystal Mirage $3,000 F W Glenn Oaks Just Right WF Sahara NA
54 Cherryville Cherryville Rios Angelique $20,000 F 1 Cherryvilless Rio De Oro Woarld Of Miniatures Tango Na
55 Libertymere Farm Heartlands Peppys Keepsake PO M 12 Bond Peppy Power Fairytails Serendipity Bond Galahads legacy
56 Reece Family


Pleasant Meadows Star Struck

PO M 7 Little Americas Blue Star Samis Im Banana Ana Grosshill EK Undisputed Creation
57 Nirvana Training Nirvanas New Year New Rules $8,100 F 1 First Knights Breakin All The Rules Sweetwaters Miss Beatrice NA
58 Indian Creek Indian Creeks Lota Dota $4,600 F W Indian Creeks Poka Dot Prince MCC Bucks Isabella NA
59 Double Diamond Villas NT Black Elegance $3,400 M 3 SG Rangers Nighttrain Hannas Girl Pleasant Meadows Bucks Bay Blue
60 ERL Miniatures ERL Buckrageous $4,000 F W Little Kings Techno Buck ERL Pattons State Of Grace NA
61 Palace Miniatures Palace Destiny's Rose Mist  $5,000 F 2 Alvadars Double Destiny Los Arboles Whiskey And Roses NA
62 Ranger Creek Bite Size Kiara $3,000 M 7 Martins Boozers After Dark 4 Gs USA Kings Rowdy Lover Olive Brtanchs Brilliant Buckeroo
63 Catca Woods Farm Catca Woods Velvet Rebel $6,500 C W Little Kings Black Velvet Lucky Four Rebels Dazzling NA
64 Hill Family Hills Southern Style Creation PO F W Grosshill EK Undisputed Creation Lucky Four Smokes Selina NA
65 Bar  B OUT   F W Bar B Painted Patricia Bar B Sheza Rainbow N/A
66 Maxine Burger/FHR Laliques Katia $2,000 F W La Vista Flamboyant Remark Freedom Hill Farms Lalique  
67 John & Kathy Wills Vermilyea Farms Boomerang PO Sex 7 Bond Galahads Legacy NFCS Sugar Starlet NA
68 Lucky Four Grosshills EK Illusions Blue Tiara $9,000 M 11 NFC Egyptian Kings Illusion NFCs Diamond In Blue Little Kings Black Velvet
69 Bar  B Lucky Four Skippa Scarletblaze $6,000 M 5 Wittmaacks Little Skipper  Lucky Four Rebels Blazenbay  
70 Fallen Ash Farm Fallen Ash Farms Gypsy Rose $2,800 M 14 Fallen Ash Farms Crickets Image Fallen Ash Farms Wrapped In Roses FAF Eagle Scout
71 Odyssey Farm Odysseys Montair $3,500 S 2 Diamond JS Friday Buttons Rodabi J Spindrift Bay NA
72 Wind Flight Checkmate Bay Boss Fantasy $3,600 M 15 Little Kings Bay Boss Flying M Memories Glenn Oaks Just Right
73 Bar  B Bar B Designers Label $4,800 F 1 WF Pattons Spectacular Bey  Little Kings Russian Roulette  



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